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Two Questions

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

How many of you have never had your roof inspected?

Did you know your roof is supposed to be inspected twice a year according to manufacturers?

Why twice a year? Well because in the fall you need to make sure that any spring and summer storms whether those were tropical storms, tornadoes, regular wind storms, or thunderstorms didn't damage your roof and you are ready for the ice and snow that are going to come in the winter. Then in the Spring, you need to make sure that the ice, snow, and wind didn't cause any damage so you again are ready for those Spring and Summer storms.

By doing these inspections twice a year you can address small issues before they become something requiring a lot of money to fix. Some of the thing that need to me looked for are:

  • Loose shingles

  • Exposed nails

  • Missing ridge caps

  • Loose or missing fascia or rake metal

  • Moss, algae, or lichen growth on the roof or siding

  • Excessive granules in the gutter or by downspouts

  • Tree limbs over hanging the roof or rubbing on the siding

  • Bent or loose flashing around chimneys

  • Dry rotted rubber gaskets around vent pipes

There are many other things to look for as well but the list would grow to several pages. If you live in Marlborough, East Hampton, Colchester, Hebron, Andover, Coventry, Colchester, or Bolton give us a call we would be happy to give you a complimentary inspection and either take care of you or get you pointed in the direction of another professional if it is a service we don't cover.

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