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What Is The Right Service For Your Property?

Homes and Businesses Vary As Much As The People Who Live and Work There.  So Does The Way You Clean Them.

There is no one size fits all when it comes to cleaning a property.  An oil stain on the driveway requires a different cleaning agent than the organic growth on your roof, and the organic growth on your roof requires a different strength/type of detergent than the organic growth on your siding depending on the type of siding on your home.

Doing laundry would be the best analogy to cleaning the outside of a home, except each piece of clothes is made from a different fabric and has a different stain on it.  Some are dry-clean only, some you can use bleach, some will need Shout, some you have to wash in cold water, some you can wash in hot water, etc.  Unfortunately the outside of your property does not come with  tags telling you the right way to clean it.  That is why you hire a professional.

Benefits Of A Professional Cleaning Over DIY

One of the first jobs we had was for a homeowner who paid a neighbor's son to do a house washing. The homeowner told us that he  had worked for an entire day cleaning the outside of her home the driveway, the siding, and a back patio.  When he was done everything looked good, the "green" had been removed and she was happy but the next day when she came back from walking her dog there were all sorts of lines on the siding and driveway. It looked worse than the dirt and moss had.  So what happened? Two things, the reason the siding became striped was because the neighbor didn't have the experience to know that using more pressure than what comes out of a garden hose on oxidized siding will remove oxidation in an uneven manor, and the reason for the striping on the driveway is because he didn't know he had to post treat the driveway with detergent in order to kill any of the organic growth not removed by power washing.

We were able to fix both of these particular issues but there are several other things you get with a professional as well.  They have insurance to cover potential accidents that damage your property, experience to prevent most of those accidents from happening in the first place, the right equipment to get it done quickly and safely, the knowledge of which detergents to use on what surfaces and the right concentration of cleaning agents to use depending on the severity of stain, and so much more. Do yourself and your property the curtesy of just hiring a professional the first time.

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