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SoftWash Roof Cleaning
In Southington, CT

Roof Cleaning Experts You Can Trust

With 20 years in the roofing and siding industry, I have seen countless homes where a pressure washing "professional" has come and destroyed a customer's roof and siding by using too much pressure during the cleaning process.  Let us put our knowledge of the proper way clean the exterior building products on your home to work for you and your property.  We safely remove the moss, mold, mildew, algae, and lichen from your roof with a low pressure process known as SoftWashing.


So What If The Roof Is Dirty?


Well, unfortunately that dirt is alive and it is eating your shingles! Mold, moss, mildew, algae, and lichen are extremely damaging to your roof. Root structures burrow in between the shingles and sometimes through them, depending on how bad the organic growth has become. They actually eat the lime from in the shingles and then to top it off, the byproduct from the lime consumption is an acid  further deteriorating the shingle.  Don't ignore the problem. Jjust like a car in Connecticut that doesn't get washed in the winter will rust from the salt, your roof needs to be washed too.


Lets Talk About Something SHOCKING


Your electric bill will thank you for having the roof cleaned too. (Assuming you don't actually have a black shingle) Gloeocapsa magma, more commonly known as that black streaking on your roof, is a bacteria and as it spreads across your roof, it goes from a little streaking to a black sheet.  Black absorbs and holds more heat which, in turn, causes your home not to be able to cool down as effectively, causing you  to run your air conditioning more. The more you have to run your air conditioning....  You got it, the more you pay in electric.

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